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      Baoji City zhongke Titanium Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Titanium Branch) The company is located in China's titanium industry town - Baoji in Shaanxi Province.
      The company is specialized in titanium and titanium alloys, insoluble, rare and precious metals research and development, production, processing, export in one of the modern comprehensive enterprise. Companies rely on "China Titanium Valley," a solid industry resources, a strong non-ferrous metal research and manufacturing strength and efficient resource sharing; have a young, energetic, innovative, hard work and innovative team, Advanced technology, strict technology, well-equipped, mature management system and other advantages in the field of titanium materials production and processing formed a more complete industrial chain, to provide users with high quality and reliable products.
      My company has the following several major leading products:
      Materials: titanium, nickel and rare metal materials and their products.
      Composite materials categories: titanium / steel, titanium / stainless steel, nickel / steel, titanium / copper, steel / stainless steel and other ratio of metal explosion composite panels.
      Equipment categories: titanium, nickel-plated coil, storage tanks, heat exchangers, condensers, reaction vessels, mixing equipment, tower and other non-standard equipment design and manufacture
      Products categories: titanium and titanium pumps, valves, pipe fittings, flanges, standard parts, basket, titanium anode, titanium plate and all kinds of casting accessories.
      Our production philosophy: quality comes first, customer satisfaction, excellence, pragmatic innovation.
      Our business objectives: honesty, win the trust of the first, reasonable for profit, mutual benefit and win-win situation
      The company has a sound quality management system and establish an effective quality management system, from raw material procurement, process planning, product manufacturing, testing and after-sales service, have specific factory standards, test standards and operating procedures, each process has Detailed operation records and inspection records into the product quality records, tracking the product quality tracking, looking to the future, the company will adhere to their own production concepts and business purposes, and always maintain the material, the pursuit of the user's constant value and brand support, the company as a whole Employees and colleagues from all walks of life jointly seek the prosperity and common prosperity of China's nonferrous metals.
      Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chlor-alkali, pharmaceutical, marine life, medicine, sewage treatment, sodium hypochlorite, electroplating and other fields, resulting in a broader range of product applications and applications since the founding of the Company. Since the establishment of China National Titanium Industry, the courage to compete, be good at competition in the spirit of the company and business philosophy, service awareness, the Division of Titanium products become a powerful shock wave on the market, the obvious advantage of the products of Titanium Industry allows users to get The biggest gains, expanding applications, the scale of production is also growing. Integrity, collaboration, innovation and common prosperity of the company culture cast a distinctive feature of Titanium Industry.
      Equipment manufacturing products, including the use of non-ferrous, black, composite materials manufacturing standards, non-standard equipment and casting products, formed a reliance on the plant a variety of new metal materials advantages, with distinctive features and strong competitive equipment manufacturing system. The successful application and timely supply of Anxian Yinhe Jianhua Group, Changshou Chemical, Hubei Changjiang Petrochemical, Shandong Sanqing Stainless Steel, Nantong CSSC and Luzhou Xinfu Chemical will make Integrity CTK your ideal choice.