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      Titanium three major functions

      [ Source: | Author:This station | Publication Time:2018-03-01 | Browse:397Number ]

      Functional materials are the physical properties of the main engineering materials, that is, in the electrical, magnetic, acoustic, light, heat and other special properties, or in its role in the performance of special materials. Research on titanium and titanium has found its application to three specific functions:

      Memory function

      Titanium - nickel alloy at a certain ambient temperature with a one-way, two-way and all-round memory effect, is recognized as the best memory alloy. In the project to do the joints for the fighter hydraulic system; Oil joint pipeline system; Diameter 0.5mm diameter wire made of 500mm parabolic antenna for aerospace vehicles; In medical engineering for the production of snoring Treatment; made of screws for fracture healing. The above applications have achieved significant results.

      Superconducting function

      Niobium-titanium alloys exhibit zero-resistance superconducting properties at temperatures below the critical temperature.

      Hydrogen storage function

      Titanium - ferroalloy has the characteristics of hydrogen absorption, a large number of hydrogen stored safely, in a certain environment again release hydrogen. This is promising for applications such as hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage and transportation, manufacturing of hydrogen-based heat pumps and batteries.